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Wow Your Audiences!

The interactive keynote speeches that we create will entertain your audiences as well as educate and inspire them. We bake in tools, touch points and a shared experience for the participants. We have spoken in front of a variety of audiences all over the United States – anyone from corporations to non-profits. Depending on the needs of the client, we can choose from one of the topics listed below or customize a presentation that complements the theme of the conference or training that you are introducing. Take-a-ways from our keynotes include real techniques for getting unstuck in your thinking and ways to engage teams to collaborate better.

  • KEYnote—Inspire Yourself! Inspire Others!: Have you misplaced your key to creativity? No worries … sometimes you don’t need a key, but instead the perfect combination of inspiration to unlock your creativity!
  • Changing Channels—Tuning into Transition: This interactive presentation is perfect for teams who are going through a reorganization or changing their business model. Leveraging popular television show titles, participants learn how to navigate through the changes in innovative ways to come out on top even when it’s a little scary.
  • Personal Branding: Participants learn how to position themselves based on their talents, skills and passion. This is a very introspective exercise done individually and then in small groups using others as thought partners in order for participants to find exactly how make an “elevator speech” about themselves in order to market themselves very differently than they currently do.
  • Prototyping: Learning how to bring “Realness” to life to sell in your ideas can help make you a huge success!  Bringing your ideas to life in order to engage the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic processors helps get the green light to move forward.
  • Navigating the Time Whirlwind: Forecasting the “whether” can lead to better time management and prioritization to help with the craziness of that work/life balance.  It’s all about making good choices and gauging the atmospheric pressure.
  • Putting the POW in EmPOWerment: Participants learn how to give the one-two punch to standing up and out by realizing what their Positives are, what Opportunities are out there for them, and how they might create a Wow factor that sets them apart!
  • Servant Leadership: Learning the key characteristics that are central to the development of a good servant leader can set the environment for organizational vibrancy.  Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment and Building Community.
  • Creativity and Innovation: participants learn how to get unstuck and keep things fresh in order to continually innovate by using the Creative Problem Solving Process, new tools and behaviors in order to collaborate better and get those business-changing, disruptive solutions to challenges they are facing.

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*We insist on a small rider for each keynote though which include green M&M’s, glow sticks and pedicures. Nah! Just kidding … we are low maintenance and just like to have fun with our clients!