Creative Facilitation
We find out what success looks like for each client and then we plan the journey to get you there!

The facilitation and the facilitator make all of the difference in a creative session. We make sure that we meet with the client in order to determine needs and the scope of the work. Here are the steps to determine the right process, tools and behaviors to use:


We have a conversation to see what’s going on with the client. What are the challenges they are facing and why now? Then, we challenge their challenge to make sure they are working on solving for the right solutions. You don’t want to be solving for world peace nor do you want to be so far in the weeds that you don’t need innovative ideas.


We determine the environment and stimulus to inspire the participants to really think differently about these challenges and come up with breakthrough answers to make a difference. This can be accomplished by going somewhere and doing something experiential, bringing in experts or naïve experts or choosing a unique venue to help the team gain unique clues that spark.


What do we know about the target market? If we have research to use, great! If not, we have participants do homework ahead of the session to gain insights into what their consumers really want and need, not just what we think they need. This way, we can formulate informed solutions.

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