Good ideas come from anywhere.

Sometimes people keep trying to get new ideas but they use the same tactics with the same people and the results are incremental. By bringing in some fresh thinkers to mix in, robust new ideas can be born.
By making sure the “right” people are in the room and asking the “right” questions, we can facilitate a creative session that draws the ideas from the participants so that they have ownership in the solutions therefore solidifying buy in that can move throughout the organization.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015
This is so true in creativity and innovation work. It is the reason I named my company “Broad Perspective”. Not just because I’m a girl, but because so many times people get mired down by the smallest things when they need to ladder things up so that they can see the bigger picture from different...

Broad Perspectives: Gert Garman

Broad Perspectives: Gert Garman, Good ideas can come from anywhere video

Broad Perspectives: Kathy Devault

movie poster kathy

Broad Perspectives: Mari Santana

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Broad Perspectives: Chief Williams

Broad Perspectives: Chief Roderick Williams video testimonial

Broad Perspectives: Mills 50

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